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Our forum submission software will automatically increase link popularity and make browsing internet forums easier or we will refund 100% of your money!  No questions asked!

Discover the power of using forum submission for marketing!


Dear Forum Junkie and/or Forum Addict:

Discover the most affordable forum marketing software that will automatically increase link popularity and save time from repeating repetitive tasks.

If you spend some precious time hanging out in internet forums and message boards, then you need this software.

Forum Dominator is an awesome forum submission software as it is a time saver and effective web marketing tool that can be used for marketing in web forums.  If you create a signature link within your forum user control panel, you'll be amazed how it automatically increases your link popularity.

Forum submission is made easy with our time saving forum submitter! No need for forum submission services! Our forum submission software can be used to increase your link popularity

You will no longer have to waste time trying to keep up with all of your responses and replies on the different forums you visit.  You will no longer have to check for email notifications, nor will you have to manually browse to each thread!  With Forum Dominator, the ultimate forum submitter, you simply have to click one button!

Forum Dominator contains an integrated web browser and allows you to easily login to forums. You no longer will have to remember your usernames and passwords to each internet forum.  Forum Dominator automatically stores this information for you.  Whether you are an internet marketing expert, or a novice, this forum utility can be a great way to generate traffic and sales. There are lots of benefits when utilizing message boards for marketing: it’s free, you are talking directly with your potential customers, and it certainly helps with increasing link popularity.  Forum Dominator can be used as internet marketing software and/or as a forum submitter as it helps with seo strategy.  You will be better organized so that you to deliver highly effective internet marketing campaigns quickly and easily.  It has its cons too: being accused of spamming, trying to keep up with your replies to your threads, and having to deal with all sorts of different message formats.  Thankfully, these issues won't be a problem, thanks to Forum Dominator.

And also, if you have ever typed out a long post, or long thread, only to find out that your internet connection failed, or your browser session timed out, you'll wish you've had Forum Dominator.  You no longer will have to worry about losing your thoughts (or the book that you have just typed out :-)), as you can type out your post within the built-in editor and simply insert it into the thread.

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Download Forum Dominator 2.5MB (Win 9x, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7) Screenshots


This is why you need Forum Dominator!...

  • You can bookmark your posts and automatically check them for replies with one click!

  • You can easily login to forums - You no longer need to remember usernames and passwords!

  • You can create your own formatting templates for other message boards!

  • You can save and load different messages.  That away you don't have to repeat typing your same thoughts over and over to each respective internet forum! (What a time saver!)

  • You can automatically insert your message into posting pages with one click! Increase inbound links to your websites

  • Automatically format your message into Text, HTML, UBB Code, or EZCode!

  • Forum Dominator will increase link popularity!


Once you are use to this software, you can't imagine what your life was without it!


Here's what you get when you order the full version of Forum Dominator...

  • Lifetime upgrades and updates to Forum Dominator

  • 24 hour technical support


We are so confident in this software that we are offering 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.   No need to use forum submission services when you can own the forum submission software yourself for only $7.00


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